College students in Florida lured strippers

Commercial College in Florida hired strippers to work in the admissions committee that they attracted young people in school. According to Reuters, the activities of the college FastTrain, worked from 2009 to 2012, the General Prosecutor’s Office are interested in the state of Florida.

According to the agency, educational institution, which promised to provide students with free education, went to extraordinary steps to get financial help from the state. In addition to the involvement of a selection committee of attractive girls, the college also forges school certificates to young people who did not have them. This was done because the laws of the United States, citizens who have not completed high school are not eligible for the scholarship.

It is known that during the work of the college received federal funds of about $ 35 million. Now the US administration is seeking damages of more than six million dollars.

“In order to increase your income as much as possible, FastTrain filled classes do not have the right to study [in college] students,” - said the prosecutor’s office.

In addition, the college forged and statistics of attendance.

Earlier in 2014, charges were brought against the owner of a 56-year-old college Amor Alejandro (Alejandro Amor) and his assistants. They are suspected of conspiracy to embezzlement of public funds.

5 December 2014

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