Astral cord: Moscow police detained correctors fate

November 13 Tver district court detained 11 people who, according to investigators, are members of an organized group of swindlers, acting under the guise of “International Centre for psychic and correction of destiny.”
Magic Protection Center, presented in the form of a turnstile-tripod, could not resist the blows of the hammer cop. If the god Thor arrived in the call center to deal with the flow of the set “supernatural help.” For the beauty of the moment is not enough unless the torches and pitchforks - attributes of the people’s struggle with evil spirits and witchcraft. However, behind the iron door in a spacious hall on the third floor or stupas, or broom or even magical crystals police did not find. Regular office call center, crammed with tables with a cheap chipboard partitions. Of office equipment at the frightened employees’ Center psychic “found only unpretentious wired telephones.

- Management of the company, despite the millions in profits, saving even on computers. All instructions for employees and customer base were printed on paper. And it was very convenient to document their criminal activities, - said a law enforcement source.

Among those detained as a result of the police operation was also already known to the public magician, a member of the 9th season of “Battle of psychics,” Yuri Olenin. Unlike colleagues in the center, he felt quite confident, as his magical powers, including the prediction of the future, partly confirmed by experts shows. However, his own arrest the magician Olenin neither expected nor was unable to prevent. Apparently, the MUR some other level of magical power.

- 80 percent success rate in this case is the ability to find someone easily suggestible. Lzheekstrasensy easier exhibit when meeting a couple of tricks to know about which can be anyone of the books on entertaining psychology, allowing to predict the most likely answer to the security question or to voice some personal characteristics - says criminal psychologist Viktor Vorotintcev. - Serious same spetsy already familiar with the techniques of hypnosis.

According to many psychologists and psychiatrists, magicians and sorcerers of the XXI century are making money on the increased in modern Russian society level of ignorance, ignorance and superstition. Lzheekstrasensov victims, by the way, are often even schoolchildren and students.

- Appeal to the charmers peculiar people of middle-aged and older, whose intellectual state degrades. In this case, under the intellect should not be understood the actual level of education, but the capacity for critical thinking and self-awareness - said Vorotintcev.

However, lzheekstrasensy, sorcerers, extortionists and thieves, mages - a phenomenon for Russian society is quite familiar. Here are just now credulity and superstition are gaining support in the media. And last but not least thanks to such popular TV shows as “The Battle of psychics.”

10 December 2014

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