Founders Darwin Award: Men die absurd death more often than women

Men more likely to die ridiculous way, the founders proved Darwin Award. The creators of the award, which was posthumously awarded to people who have died the most ridiculous manner, estimated that of the 318 holders of awards were only 36 female representatives, reports Daily Mail.

Among the most famous award winners Darwin was, in particular, the terrorist who blew up on its own bomb, after the postman returned him the envelope with explosives due to an insufficient number of brands. Antinagrady also won a thief decided to steal cable from the elevator, while in the cockpit. After unhooking the cable lift fell from a great height, and the man[/t:t[t:tag slug=chelovek]man died.

In 90% of cases by ridiculous accident killed was the stronger sex - summed organizers Darwin Award.

This prize is awarded since 1985. The award is named after the author’s theory of evolution by Charles Darwin, since, according to the authors, dead fools have made a major contribution to the development of mankind, to rid the world of their gene pool.

12 December 2014

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