Côte foodie from Vladivostok Vladivostok Matroskin cat

Côte foodie from Vladivostok, ate seafood worth more than 60 thousand rubles, turned cat. Despite the fact that the animals have already given the nickname, it is not going to change. The press attache of the hockey team “Admiral” Alex bubble in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”.

Airport staff handed animal President hockey club “Admiral”. The club previously decided to give the animal the nickname Matroskin. Hockey players have agreed to take care of a cat and repair the damage caused by a pet store.

“Animal and our president very quickly found a common language, cherished cat in his arms, he stroked her. Everything went great,” - said bladder.

December 11 reported that an unknown red cat climbed into the store “fish island” at the airport in Vladivostok and climbed Refrigerated display products. He ate a variety of seafood and tore packages with other marine delicacies. All products in the showcase seized and sealed, in the refrigerator and disinfected and sanitized. Damage was estimated at 63 thousand rubles.

13 December 2014

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