Top 7 REALLY fun contests for corporate party!

Ryschesh nights internet in search of cool contests for corporate party? Relief in this article.

Like many of the organizers of the various events, we spend a lot of time writing various competitions for parties, and of passing monitors of different sites where you can get different jokes. For the most part, all offer the same everywhere … One word Toastmasters-STYLE. Dear reader, offers to your attention a kind of top-7 competitions which will be held just fine in any company. Something podsmotreno, think of something, the fact is that these things are going great in any company.

1. Competition Changeling.

Great contest, which is suitable to start your New Year’s program. Lead offers all play the game. You must guess the original naming of films on the “upside down” versions. Participants to better understand the essence, you can bring them an example. You can come up with a list of turncoats, that’s what we offer:

HRE - movies

1. “Seventy-one autumn eternity” (”Seventeen Moments of Spring”).
2. “Ragamuffin with the name hippopotamus” (”Crocodile Dundee”).
3. “Dynamo” (”Spartacus”).
4. “Bonnet of the French Republic” (”Crown of the Russian Empire”).
5. “Everybody on the street” (”Home Alone”).
6. “Glass foot” (”The Diamond Arm”).
7. “thieving PTU” (”Police
8. “Students, get back!” (”Midshipmen, forward!”).
9. “Black Moon Jungle” (”The White Sun of the Desert”).
10. “Home cactus” (”Wild Orchid”).
11. “Cold Feet” (”Hot Shots”).

Shifters - the names of movies (the second option).

1. “The liver is the devil” (”Angel Heart”).
2. “Sing, Sing!” (”Dance, Dance”).
3. “Urjupinsk smiles trust” (”Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”).
4. “We will die after the environment” (”live to see Monday”).
5. “Vasil Good” (”Ivan the Terrible”).
6. “In rock all men” (”Some Like It Hot”).
7. “The little hike” (”Long Walk”).
8. “The cat under the straw” (”Dog in the Manger”).
9. “Plant a dad on the plane” (”Throw Momma from the Train”).
10. “Sidorovka, 83″ (”Petrovka 38″).
11. “Short Lesson” (”Big Break”).

HRE - lines from songs

1. “above the floor of the hut it” (”Under the roof of my house”).
2. “The painter who misses the snow” (”The artist that paints rain”).
3. “Wake up, your little girl is sick” (”Sleep, my little boy”).
4. “dumb green sock” (”blue suede shoes”).
5. “Since I live a hundred years” (”Without you I can not live a day”).
6. “On the tree lay locusts” (”In the grass grasshopper”).
7. “Russian in the house waiting for the sunset” (”Chukchi in the tent waiting for the dawn”).
8. “I, me, me in the morning and in the evening” (”You, you, you, night and day”),
9. “That night defeat bullet does not smell” (”Victory Day - smelled gunpowder”).
10. “Polonaise black bat” (”Samba of white moth”).
11. “He hates tomatoes in the fire” (”She likes strawberry ice”).

Competition 2. Where do I find?

Another contest conversational genre, which is also good for the start of the holiday program.

The game requires four participants. They are in the back row, and each hung on the back of pre-pre-prepared a poster with some of the following entries: - detoxification center - a public bath - toilet - public transport.

Participants themselves do not know what is written on the posters that hang on their backs. Next, the leader asks questions, in turn referring to each participant. Questions should be as follows:

- How often do you go there?
- Going back to who you take with you?
- What are you doing there?
- What do you feel have been there?

- Would you like to go there at least once more?

Inscriptions on the “signs” of course, can be changed. For instance, you can make signs:
- Nudist beach
- Shop “Intimacy”
- Pedicure

3. Competition boxing match

Before the start of the competition leading cause of two of these men, who for the ladies hearts are ready for anything. Ladylove present immediately to have a beneficial psychological effect on his knights. Gentlemen wear boxing gloves, other guests form a symbolic boxing ring. The task of the lead - as much as possible to escalate the situation, suggest what muscles to stretch better, ask even hold his short battle with an imaginary opponent, in general, all as in this ring. After the physical and moral preparation is completed, the knights come to the center of the ring, greet each other. The leader, who is also a judge, recalls the rules, such as: do not hit below the belt, do not leave bruises, the fight to first blood, etc. The master gives the fighters on the same sweet, preferably caramel (they are harder to deploy, particularly when they are stuck together), and asks for his ladylove to deploy as soon as possible this candy without removing the boxing gloves. Then they are given on a can of beer, it is necessary to open and enjoy yourself. The winner is the one who had to cope with the task opponent.

PROPS - 2 pairs of boxing gloves, caramel candy, 2 cans of beer

4. Competition STAR dance floor

Super-agile competition, which will go to great music pause for heating. Much depends on the master, it is necessary, of course, tease and make fun of the contestants and invigorate them. The competition was held not at one hundred corporate, and always he met laughter and fun!


- Well, now you have to pass a competition called “The Star of Christmas dance floor.” For this competition will require the participation of 5-s most active employees. Your task is simply to dance very, very, very active, because most inactive dancer eliminated. Let’s go! (Plays rock and roll) (After 20-30 seconds the master selects the most active and not the applause asks him to leave the dance floor).

Now there are only four of you. Imagine that you danced for an hour and so tired that you have lost the use of his legs, but the real stars are not easy to give up! So, your job is to dance no less actively, but without legs. (Plays “hands up - well where the handle”). (After 20-30 seconds the master selects the most active and not the applause asks him to leave the dance floor).

You have only three, and you are quite tired, it’s time to sit down. Now dance active sitting, you can only move his head and hands. (Caste - numbered Blatnoj). At the end of 20-30 seconds, the master selects the most active and not the applause asks him to leave the dance floor.

And we still have two real super stars dance floor! One last spurt. And, of course, at the end of a dance battle the whole body numb, but the stars never loses, because the person is still alive! Your task - no moving, dancing facial expression! Let’s go! (Rock and Roll).

After 30 seconds, “writhing” rye leading by a round of applause from the spectators’ hall chooses Christmas star of the dance floor!

5. The competition is a piece of bread

It’s not even contest, and just wondering TEST FOR GUESTS corporate. CAN spend it in some half-time, well, you can compete with anyone in the 1,000 rubles)))

The essence of the competition is that the facilitator asks to argue with someone that he can not eat a piece of bread (standard half) for 1 minute, not drinking. It seems very simple task and on captivate participants try their hand. But in fact, make it practically impossible. Doubt? Try it yourself at dinner.

Competition 6. ICE, BABY, ICE!

Very interesting test, which is ridiculous to do. True, requires little troubles with props.

Leading causes of three brave men to take part in the competition and said that the job “easier” - must wear a T-shirt, that’s all. After the participants have been found. Lead makes a good three twisted and frozen in a freezer-shirts. The participants’ task - to wear a T-shirt the fastest.

7. KISS contest for departure

Is also fairly straightforward BEZREKVIZITNY competition, which is always a great GOES in friendly company and it can be a great end of your party.

Leading causes of 8 participants - 4 males and 4 beautiful. We put people in order - m-th-th-th. Then they said that the need to transmit a kiss on the shёchku, all in order to kiss on the cheek next. At any time, the music breaks off and stop someone retires. Facilitator should quietly commanding DJ, when you need to stop the music. At first, you can do so dropped out one by one the girls and the boys, but to end the need to adjust so that there are three or two guys. It becomes very funny when the competition are only men.

Well that’s all, dear organizer of noise and fun! We hope you enjoyed our contests. In this blog we will share them very, very much, so do not forget to subscribe and we will do everything to ensure that you said the most fun New Year in your life.

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16 December 2014

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