Priest Dimitri Fetisov: Let us win - look how cool

Circle all the talk of sovereignty. But where he’s sovereignty, then? It is not something that song, normal Russian language is no longer hear. This is - a complete defeat, even more terrible than the Cold War.

Recently, hitting on his car in a terrible traffic jam Moscow, I instead stress experienced great aesthetic pleasure. The fact is that by chance I was able to customize your radio to a station broadcasting music exclusively Soviet era.

“People need to educate, giving him the best food for the mind and heart”

Pretty simple choral singing, uncomplicated stage, but unobtrusively, delicately, chaste, really romantic and patriotic … What a pleasant aftertaste - like after a good vintage wine …

Sometimes you go somewhere at night on the highway and not to fall asleep at the wheel, the receiver is connected. Can not stay awake - it is perhaps the only positive feature of modern pop music. But the head even after one and a half minutes of primitive rhythms, melodies and inept false sense whining drawl, sadly.

19 December 2014

Top 7 REALLY fun contests for corporate party!
Guard son Seagulls almost beat the journalist, “I … on the law.” PHOTOS, VIDEO

• Volvo Trucks announces musical reality show "Life on the road" »»»
Volvo Trucks has decided to remove a reality show featuring singer Mapei.
• A remarkable artist MC Escher »»»
MC Escher (Maurits Cornelis Escher 1898 - 1972) was famous for his ability to paint pictures that lead to the delight of mathematicians.
• Raffle tickets at Freemotion Street Fest May 26, 2007 »»»
FREEMOTION Festival 2007 - an event for dynamic, creative and svobodnomyslyaschih urban dwellers, people who have already introduced or are about to bring into our world something unusual, then, what is living the true spirit of creativity and freedom.
• Bride for jihadists. As I was recruited as an Islamic state? Who in the first place can be a victim of recruiters? »»»
Great Caliphate, or ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Great Syria - further IG), with each passing day recruits into its ranks more and more citizens of Europe and America.
• Sexy PHP (a few pictures - logo) »»»
Student creates a sophisticated night-preslozhny drawing. Suddenly there ofigenno sexy fairy with wings and asks: - What are you doing?