Guard son Seagulls almost beat the journalist, “I … on the law.” PHOTOS, VIDEO

Today in the town of Sergiyev Posad, a journalist “alternative newspaper” Andrew Mills almost attacked with fists guard son Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Moscow Region Governor adviser Igor Gulls. Journalist tells of an incident in his “Live Journal”.
“Just walk the dog behind the house and saw the helicopter arrived. He came closer and started making phone driving up to it’s motorcade. From the head of the machine head out of our area and Igor himself Seagull, and behind me had driven their car maintenance - Mercedes Gelendvagen number N KR 278 777 of which ran bald mate with the wiring in the ear and began to miss me, the hands, over the phone - describes Trofimov. - When I was introduced to him as a journalist “alternative newspaper” Andrey Trofimov and said, letting me he breaking the law - the guard replied haughtily: “I … on the law! We pass by! “And even more pressure continued to bother me to gather information about their holder. While he himself, of course, not given, without naming the reasons for the ban movies, even the son of the Prosecutor General of Russia. When the helicopter with a seagull flew his guards caught up with me in his jeep and ran all the same bald goof demanded from me to erase all that I removed. However, seeing the people around - stepped back and leaping back into the car went after police and firefighters. ”
At the end of the post journalist asks, “I wonder at whose expense Advisor to the Governor Mr. flying from Moscow to Sergiev Posad on a helicopter, and who pays for his services here is such a” Bravo “protection? Dad or taxpayers?”

22 December 2014

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