Girls in bikinis are invited to “Siberian beaches”

Girl in bikini posing on a background of a frozen lake in the dead of winter - this is what Russia has become a lure tourists, writes Israeli news portal. Although the icy weather is not conducive to a beach holiday, this part of the world also has much to offer, the author notes.
Calcalist: Girls in bikinis are invited to the “Siberian beaches”
“On our beaches is no sand, but they are just white” - under this motto, the Russian authorities have launched a campaign, through which are trying to promote Siberia as a tourist destination, the Israeli news website

However, this surprises did not end there, because the power to lure tourists even hired a Russian models that were sunbathing in bikini on the lake is completely covered with ice and snow.
Photo session was arranged on an artificial pond in Zelenogorsk, located 70 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk, where the girls had to withdraw with a bear, though not present.
Although Siberia and is known for its savage frosts, which have not tourism, but it is here were built luxury hotels and quality restaurants that are open to anyone who wants to be closer to nature. In addition, the authorities have launched a project called “I’m a Siberian”, designed to advertise the region to foreign tourists.
Alex Teleshov, which is responsible for promoting tourism in Siberia, is convinced that “undeveloped region makes it an ideal place for those looking for privacy. We offer our visitors everything from sporting events to the more quiet activities,” - conveys the words edition.
The main attractions are: the northern lights, wildlife viewing, fishing and hunting. However, Teleshov believes that this is not enough, so a decision was made to advertise the region with the help of models to deliver the message to the masses. “In Siberia, we love to celebrate winter. For our visitors we want to create vivid memories,” - he said.

23 December 2014

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