In Russia, the fashion house-shifters

Who built the first house upside down, is not known. However, according to the candidate of psychological sciences, teacher MSU. MV Lomonosov Oksana Levontinovoy this man was a pronounced extrovert who wanted to surprise everyone, or a rebel, a protest against the world and the existing system. “It was hardly a pragmatic person.” Make not like everyone else “- rather, the principle of choleric” - suggests the expert.

Russian architect and futurist science fiction Arthur Skizhali-Weiss believes that architecture, even fantastic, inverted homes have little to do. “Upside down house - is, first of all, kitsch, advertising project - says the architect. - Fashion has come from the US, where a lot of different houses in the form of the original kettle, iron, vegetables and other architectural attractions.”

The vast majority of these projects in the world are points of attraction for tourists. Among them there is even a small inverted palaces, villas and so on.. Sometimes projects are ideological subtext. Thus, in the Polish village of Szymbark architect presented his project as a symbol of the end of the communist era.

25 December 2014

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“Dream House” - one of the most futuristic attractions Disneyland - opened on Monday in Anaheim, Florida, USA.
• In Belarus, to build "Slavic Disneyland, where Mickey Mouse will replace the Russian and Belarusian heroes of fairy tales »»»
The Belarusian going to build a "Slavic Disneyland, where Mickey Mouse will replace the American heroes of the Russian and Belarusian tales.
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Stylish man now looks rather like the hero of the novel before last century, or lover of silent movies.
• British media reported secret weapons tests in Omsk »»»
Author picture suggested that "caught" UFO, and British experts have seen in the photo secret weapon Photos by social network made in the vicinity of Omsk.
• M. Weller "On Lies" »»»
Any system, biological or social, for their existence needs information from outside.