Before the New Year Europeans massively go to Russia for gasoline, fish and sweets

On the eve of the New Year in Russia en masse go Poles. Due to changes in exchange rates Europeans became more profitable to buy many of our goods. However, for this we must first cross the border, where in recent days were formed hours of traffic jams.

In the Russian-Polish border - many kilometers turn. To get to the checkpoint, will have to wait at least five hours. The lost time Russian guests do not regret: shopping tour is worth it. After the changes in exchange rates, including the Polish zloty, the citizens of neighboring Poland was especially beneficial to travel to Russia. From the border shops they bring home halva, candy, canned fish, fresh fish.

Mrs. Yolanda hopes to get home by midnight, though living only 80 kilometers from the border, in Olsztyn. This trip to Bagrationovsk she had long planned, but was able to go abroad only on public holidays. “Holidays in Poland - that’s all we get out - she explains. - And if not holidays, on the border of all will be smaller. I’ve bought walleye and salmon. Specially went to Bagrationovsk on base. We are all more expensive.”

Most of these travelers - so-called “benzinschiki”. Their journey ends at the nearest gas station. Filled to overflowing tanks of their cars, they’ll hurry back to the border.

Fuel in Poland twice as much Russian, refuel Poles, as they say themselves, “under the cap”. Alert Polish border guards strictly control the amount of imported Russian gasoline, because they have to defend not only their internal but also fuel the EU market. In benzinschikov have their tricks, they know how to smuggle fuel beyond the norm. Each jack in the trunk, and the so-called “heel”. If you use it to tip the unit on its side, gasoline can fill the tank with 10 liters more.

“All go to Volkswagen, the biggest tank there - he has 10 liters more capacity, so that you end up with 100 liters of petrol. We must take more, because travel to you for the fuel is allowed only three times a week,” - says an experienced ” benzinschik. ”

At gas stations you can buy and the other became popular among Poles commodity - coal. His take on residents of the border areas of Poland, to heat homes and even small hotels. “A ton of coal we have is 6-7 thousand, and they have 10 thousand. Of course, it is much cheaper to go here for coal - says Maria Cousin, operator-cashier stations. - They take not for sale, and for their homes: on their border with checks passed quietly. ”

Kaliningradians buyers from Poland are very happy. They themselves now go to a neighboring country - to relax and skiing. “It’s nice, of course, to see our guests, Poles - they admit. - Gasoline is a commodity, it is in demand, they go beyond the fact that they are interested in, we’re going for the fact that we’re interested in. The mutual exchange” ….. ….

30 December 2014

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