Vladimir Churov: “I know how to strengthen the ruble - it should laminate”

CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov spent New Year’s Eve party for the heads of regional election commissions, during the event, he shared his recipe for strengthening of the Russian currency

At the gala event was attended by members of the CEC, apparatus and representatives of Russian political parties. Churov himself came to the celebration with her dog - Yorkshire Terrier Foboy. “It’s a dog, and sheep (as a symbol of the coming year). This is the best pet for me,” - said the chairman of the CEC.

At the end of matinee Churov congratulated his colleagues on the upcoming holiday and wished good work in 2015.

The fall of the ruble continued since the beginning of 2014. During this time, the euro and currency basket several times updated the historical maximum. The key negative factor putting pressure on the Russian currency is the low price of oil. In addition, the weak data added to the negative macroeconomic statistics. Since December 29, Ministry of Economic Development reported a decline of Russia’s GDP by 0.5 percent in annual terms at the end of November. This is the first monthly decline of Russia’s GDP in 2009.

31 December 2014

Before the New Year Europeans massively go to Russia for gasoline, fish and sweets
In Ulyanovsk, the sons of former head of the police department and the vice-governor arranged a duel

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