In Ulyanovsk, the sons of former head of the police department and the vice-governor arranged a duel

Ulyanovsk agitated history of assaulting a police officer, who allegedly committed with a group of accomplices son of the vice-governor of the region Vildan Zinnurova. Local media reported that police received several wounds from a traumatic gun after a traffic conflict with Edward Zinnurova.

However Zinnurov Sr. gave his version, according to which the first start of the conflict beaten by police and his younger brother, who are sons of a senior enforcer.

Vice-Governor Vildan Zinnurov admits that his son Edward is really involved in the conflict, but argues that provoked a fight with the shooting itself policeman who is an employee of own security service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs and is the son of former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Arapova now head of the department Police “Baryshsky” in Kuzovatskom area.

According to the vice-governor, the conflict began with the fact that his son was driving the car did not share the road with a 20-year-old younger son Arapova, a student of Ulyanovsk Higher School of Civil Aviation.

- Rather than disperse, student offered to go to deal in a serious way. Then removing his brother came out this fellow, armed with a pistol traumatic. He turned security guard AMIA on vacation. He began to poke at different places of the machine gun son, broke the mirror, knocked a couple of times on the glass - told Vildan Zinnurov. - The son called his friends, they came and started the brawl.

He noted that now the police understand who gets beat.

- I think that the security officer has decided to talk with my son the language of the gun. It was only after his “otbutskali”, said that he worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Friends of my son ran away and now sit afraid to say that he threatened them all to find and destroy, - the vice-governor.

According to him, the man who in the domestic conflict threatens opponents weapon should not work in the organs.

- He could just show identification, and heels would all sparkled. But he was also threatened with death.

Ulyanovsk media reported a slightly different version of what happened. According to her son, the vice-governor Vildan Zinnurova Edward quarreled on the road with the police, and then with friends followed him home, where shot from a traumatic gun and moved several times by car. After that the police officer was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

- No one knows who shot him, but it did from his own weapon - says Vildan Zinnurov.

The press service of the Ulyanovsk region LifeNews police declined to comment on the conflict, noting that “do not have information.”

Meanwhile, according to the vice-governor, the police already conducting an investigation, but “from the road incident want to make an attack on a police officer.” At home Zinnurova and his family have already been searched.

- What they are trying to “sew” some article that allegedly attacked a police OPG - is complete garbage ………

5 January 2015

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