In Ukraine, smashed shops Roshen President Poroshenko

Confectionery Company President of Ukraine Poroshenko Roshen reports the frequent attacks on its stores in different areas of Kiev.

As stated in the press service of Roshen, January 11 company store in the metro station “Zhytomyr” attacked by a group of four people. They came to the store at 04:14 am (fixed time on video). One of the attackers smashed the window of a stone, the other party has been in the hands of a Molotov cocktail (it is - a preliminary finding of the expert study), the third party shot everything on camera.

However, to finish his plan failed. One of the attackers was arrested by security guards and police at the scene was caused by the investigative team.

This attack on the flagship stores Roshen was already the fourth: in the previous cases to detain criminals failed. The first attack occurred on January 3 Lyatoshinskgo shop down the street. Unknown persons broke the window, began to pour shelves with products of the combustible mixture. Store security guard quickly responded and warned arson, but managed to escape the bullies.

5 January there was a similar case in the store at Prospect Timoshenko. Criminals could not break the glass facade and get inside, so that was doused and set on fire the storefront. Attackers also managed to escape.

The third attack occurred on January 9 shop near the metro station “Osokorki.” A group of people with an incendiary mix stone smashed storefront, complete plans for enhanced protection service prevented.

After a series of organized attacks on the company’s stores, was installed enhanced security, and thus managed to detain one of the criminals on the fourth object.

All attempts recorded on video cameras and posted on the Internet.

At the same time the company emphasizes that “strongly supports the right of everyone to express their civil position, but attacks and arson have nothing to do with the expression of peaceful protest and an expression of citizenship.” “Such actions are neither picket or peaceful protest, or a violent seizure actions - this is an obvious planned provocation,” - say in Roshen.

Before you run for president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko promised for the chair head of state to abandon its “chocolate business.” However, the Ukrainian media still call Roshen “confectionery company president Peter Poroshenko.”

13 January 2015

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