Bookmakers Greeks put on the victory of the opposition in parliamentary elections

Greek bookmakers are confident in the victory of the opposition leftist party SYRIZA in the upcoming Jan. 25 parliamentary elections - betting on her victory taken by a factor of 1.03, and for the victory of the ruling center-right party “New Democracy” by a factor of 12.00.
The victory of any other party is practically impossible - for every euro you can earn 400, according to the on-line office stoiximan.
Most likely, the next Prime Minister of Greece will be the leader of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras - Bet 1 to 1.10. Saving for the post of prime minister Antonis Samaras is predicted by a factor of 1 to 25, more real bookmakers consider the appointment of any other policy and take bets with odds of 7.0.

According to bookmakers, the formation of one-party government after the elections is unlikely. Betting on that it is not formed, is 1.45, which will be - 2.65.
Bids that SYRIZA will get more than 33.75% of the vote, is 1.75, which is less than - 2.00.

As to the third party, the greatest chance of bookmakers give ultra “Golden Dawn” (1.85), followed by the party “River” with an extremely eclectic program - 2.10, the Communist Party of Greece - 22.00, PASOK - and 30.00 ” Another party “- 30.00.

16 January 2015

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