Obama chewed during a parade in India, has been around since the Russian equipment. Observations RIA “Novosti”

At the parade in New Delhi Barack Obama relentlessly chewed. “Nervous?” - Suggested in social networks editor of an Indian newspaper. The reasonable assumption: the parade before Obama took technique almost exclusively in Russia.

Barack Obama is actively working jaws during official visits abroad. Chewing gum in his mouth became a symbol of this policy. This time the US leader distinguished himself in India. Decided to meet him in a big way, even invited to the military parade in honor of the Republic Day. What was the astonishment of the local community when Obama on this solemn and almost sacred act came with gum in his mouth. He chewed and during the performance of the national anthem, the song “The soul of the people”, which was written by Nobel Prize winner for literature Rabindranath Tagore. Then, when dealing with the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, the American took a couple of minutes toffee, but then again she found herself in the mouth first person superpower, which, apparently, is very lacking freshness.

Indian bloggers and the media hit with a flurry of criticism as “Mad” president. The more that happens camera impartially recorded and then shown to the general Indian population, which had been insulted a deliberate discourteous, if not dismissive.

This confusion with chewing gum may well remain the highlight within Obama’s visit to India. No breakthroughs parties have not, they would rather consider the current economic relations and attempts of their development. You can not say about the recent visit to New Delhi, Vladimir Putin, during which it was signed more than 20 treaties and agreements, including the absolute breakthrough. But that’s another story.

As for Obama, he again came to the old rake. At the end of last year, he caught chewing gum in Beijing. I must say that the Chinese, like the Indians now, such behaviors are not understood. Prior to that, he was noticed by chewing gum at the funeral of a political legend of the 20th century, Nelson Mandela. And before he blew habit of bubbles at the official ceremony of 70th anniversary of the landing of Allied troops in Normandy. What is extremely insulted the French, especially the veterans. I must say that the World Wide Web users often referred to as the 44th president of the United States “rapper”, “bum” and “rascal.” A chewing gum - it is an indispensable attribute of this image, on which Obama is working hard for the second presidential term.

27 January 2015

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