Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania are going to create a military brigade (bill introduced to the Verkhovna Rada Yatsenyuk)

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk introduced to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on ratification of the agreement with Lithuania and Poland to establish a joint military brigade.

The document posted Thursday on the website of the Ukrainian parliament.

In September last year, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania signed an agreement on the establishment of a tripartite Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian military brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG. A joint team will be used in operations under the auspices of the UN and the EU. Among the main tasks of the new military unit - participation in international efforts to maintain peace, strengthening military cooperation in the region and lay the foundation for the formation of the EU Battle Group.

Work on the trilateral project began in November 2009, when the defense ministers of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine signed a document which set out the intention to create a joint tripartite military unit.

29 January 2015

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