The head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov announced corrupt war

Last week, Russian governors and mayors took part in the next seminar “The current economic and political agenda. The best regional practices.” Presentations were made by the Russian president and the leaders of his administration. We offer our readers “Heathcliff” full speech at the seminar Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, the first openly pointed to the corrupt governors.

“Good day, dear colleagues, I am pleased to welcome you here is not the first time. Sberbank, in my opinion, has built a very good room, where the presidential administration organizes interesting meetings, we conduct interesting and mutually beneficial meetings, study and exchange of opinions. Gathered here today governors, representatives and heads of legislative bodies, mayors, heads of major cities - almost, so to speak, all the power of Russia.

Within three days you will find informative and very rich program. A lot of interesting topics to be discussed. This, of course, relevant international, humanitarian problems. Ways to strengthen political stability, our cultural and historical identity; analysis of the main directions of economic and investment policies; questions to balance regional budgets - I think the topic is very relevant today. And, of course, improvement of legislation and the development of urban agglomerations.

Very broad and will be part of the speakers. Detailed reports made by the representatives of the Presidential Administration, the Federal Assembly, heads of ministries. Their opinions and judgments express leading experts, well-known scientists and heads of major banks. The most advanced practitioners shared heads of regions and municipalities.

Federal, regional and municipal authorities - is, of course, an important pillar of our country that ensure sustainable socio-economic development of Russia. And we need to ensure that they act as a single coordinated team. To our common work has been open, transparent and consistent. And the main result of this work, of course, it is the welfare of citizens. And, of course, to achieve this goal it is necessary to cooperate actively with civil society institutions. Connect them to discuss and resolve all key issues related to people’s daily lives. We have long been convinced that it is natural and government stakeholders in addressing the country’s development.

Dear Colleagues, It is obvious that the challenges facing today’s Russia, require us to work more effective level in all directions. We can not afford to relaxation and lack of initiative, hopes that all somehow resolve itself. Not resolve. Society expects decisive and effective action. In particular, for the elimination of all that demoralizes and weakens the power.

2 February 2015

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