Residents of flats Novosibirsk lit in the windows of the word “Russia”

Unusual flashmob held residents of the house on the street aircraft manufacturers.

In Dzerzhinsk region of Novosibirsk residents of one of the houses on the street aircraft manufacturers had a unique flash mob. On the facade adorned the wordRussia“, compiled from burning windows.

Initiated and organized a flashmob Dmitry Sapelkin said that the idea was born to hold a rally at a meeting of tenants. He explained: “We decided to disprove the stereotype known that the tenants in an apartment building on the same site even do not know each other,” - words led regional office of the Society for Conservation of Nature, which is headed Sapelkin.

At rehearsal took 4 days, light included under the scheme. As a result, a huge word “Russia” from burning windows appeared in 20 hours February 23 under the anthem of Russia.

Dmitry Sapelkin also said that an even larger flashmob home residents want to spend May 9. On one side of the house is planned to “ignite” the word “Russian”, and on the other - “May 9″.

“We encourage residents and our great country to spend May 9, similar actions in their regions and cities - to make a gift to the veterans,” - said Dmitry Sapelkin.

24 February 2015

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