Two fishermen from Italy caught a 127-pound catfish (fish length is 2 meters 70 centimeters)

Two fishermen from Italy caught a 127-pound catfish. Fish length is 2 meters 70 centimeters, according to the British newspaper Telegraph.

According to experts, caught instance was one of the largest members of their species. Twin brothers fought 40 minutes to get the catfish out of the water.

Age caught fishes is about 30 years. However, catfish can live up to 50 years, with almost all the time dwelling on the same site and Launch out of him at a distance of not more than a few kilometers

26 February 2015

Residents of flats Novosibirsk lit in the windows of the word “Russia”
“Look, he gave me, b ** qb, hit in the face …..” (Former odnopartiets filled muzzle Ljashko in the Verkhovna Rada)

• American fisherman caught a 46-pound sturgeon »»»
In Wisconsin on Lake Uinnebeygo one of the fishermen caught a 1.
• The Kremlin will decorate Christmas spruce using nanotechnology »»»
Christmas fir, decorated with a garland of light and nanotechnology applications that will be installed in the Kremlin on December 24, RIA Novosti news agency.
• In the U.S., 50 people scalded with boiling water, failed to repeat the experiment from Novosibirsk (They tried to turn water into a pillar of ice dust, but, unlike our countryman, did not comply with safety measures) »»»
As reported by the American edition of the British newspaper The Independent, in the United States at least 50 people scalded with boiling water, tried to freeze him in flight.
• In Moscow, there were gangs, robbing stores, not for money but for the thrill »»»
A new type of crime recorded in the capital, investigators: it is quite well-off and distant from the criminal world, people have created a gang and went to loot shops.
• 24 to 27 June at Rybinke Corporate »»»
The name of the event from 24 to 27 June at Corporate Rybinke Event Description joint trip to the fishing on the Rybinsk vdhr.