“Look, he gave me, b ** qb, hit in the face …..” (Former odnopartiets filled muzzle Ljashko in the Verkhovna Rada)

The Verkhovna Rada was another brawl - this time the troublemakers were brawler Oleg Lyashko and his former colleague Sergei Melnychuk from the battalion “Aydar”.

A few weeks ago Melnychuk was excluded from the “Radical Party” because of the conflict with Ljashko. Now, having met at the exit of the session hall, members clung to each other.

Because of the brawl had to adjourn the meeting. Speaker Volodymyr Groisman cries tried several times to end the conflict. A few minutes later Ljashko Melnychuk and to separate.

Then Ljashko ran to the podium and demanded Groisman give him the floor. “Look, he gave me, b ** qb, hit in the face. Let me speak,” - said Lyashko speaker.

However, the one on the podium Ljashko is not empty, then the deputy again fled deep into the hall to find out relations with Melnychuk. As a result, the Speaker adjourned the meeting until the evening.

3 March 2015

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Président de l'Ukraine a menacé d'arrêter le chef du Parti radical parce qu'il a accusé de "trahison de la Maidan.
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