Venezuela announced the day of international solidarity against the actions of the United States

Venezuelan authorities decided to declare a day of international solidarity with the Venezuelan people against the actions of the United States, declared the situation in this country a threat, said Friday the vice-president of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela Rodrigo Cabezas.

“All the progressive left-wing parties in Latin America will adopt a plan to protect the Bolivarian revolution on a global level, and we will announce the invitation to hold shares in social networks, the purpose of which is to change the world public opinion (in relation to the actions of the US),” - said at a press Cabezas conference in Mexico City.

US President Barack Obama on Monday signed a decree introducing a state of emergency in relation to Venezuela, as the situation in the South American country supposedly poses a danger to the United States. As part of the decree were also adopted sanctions against seven senior Venezuelan officials.
According to Cabezas, holding a share of support - the only means of peaceful struggle against the actions of Washington. “We have no other way, with the threat of the United States of America, we can fight only with the help of international solidarity that the entire planet was us against such interference in our affairs, and that the United States lifted the decree,” - said the Venezuelan politician.

Share on social networks may take 19 April.

14 March 2015

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