Tour operators pass on packages “all inclusive” in Crimea

Tour operators who have traditionally exported tourists abroad, this year rely on domestic tourism, including the Crimea. They are actively buying hotel rooms and packages are going to attract customers “all-inclusive”.

Tour operators this year are actively buying up hotel room in Krasnodar Territory for the upcoming summer season, “Vedomosti”. Some hotels are already available for booking in July and August, told the publication director general of the portal online booking Marina Kolesnik. A few hotels in the Imereti lowland, not a single free rooms - all purchased by tour operators.

This is due not only to the weakening of the ruble, but with massive restrictions on travel for law enforcement officers and the campaign to popularize resorts in the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory.

Tour operators will try to work with Russian hotels in the same manner in which working with the Turkish and Egyptian. Some operators fully redeem Rooms and develop packages on an “all-inclusive” like the Egyptian and Turkish.

In addition, according to the publication, 4-5 star hotels signed contracts with large corporate clients who agree to buy a certain number of issues per year. The central office of the Interior Ministry employee told the publication that as holidays abroad his staff are now banned, unions MIA actively acquiring tickets to the Crimea and the Krasnodar region.

Increasing the number of requests for blocks of seats on the “resort” flights to Krasnodar from tour operators, law enforcement agencies, pension funds, said an employee of one of the carriers.

The publication notes that due to high demand and rising prices for accommodation. According to statistics Oktogo, in the summer season 2015 ruble prices can be 20-25% higher than in last year’s season.

16 March 2015

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