Friday: A resident of Khabarovsk fined for playing in the snow naked

On Monday, the Internet excited the photos of two girls who had organized the game naked in the snow, in the center of Khabarovsk. Today it became known that habarovchanki prosecuted for hooliganism.

As reported by “Vostok-Media”, a snowball fight without clothes was part of the concept of the photo shoot, the girls arranged by one of the city’s photographers. What is happening is also actively filming the passing onlookers. As a result, made and published by passers-by interested in social networks images of police officers. Personality girls were installed, and they - are invited to the police station for an interview. Each of them was drawn up under the administrative article “hooliganism” and imposed a fine of 500 rubles.

Sami offending explained his action arose they desire to be photographed naked. Photos taken pictures punished was not punished because his actions did not violate public order.

It is noted that after the publication of the photos of the girls, one of whom worked in the credit institution, and the other - in the automotive shop, were dismissed.

20 March 2015

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