In Australia, an exhibition, all of which are required to undress Visitors

The National Gallery of Australia has opened a very non-standard exhibition of works by conceptual artist Dzheymca Tarella. The unusual it is that to get to the exhibition can only be completely naked.

According to The Telegraph, visitors are admitted to the exhibition teams. At a time can enter in only one group of interested persons, not more than 50 people. Another prerequisite is the majority.

“This” naked “exhibition opened much within us. When one goal, you can not judge by his appearance on his prosperity. Disappear cultural differences that contains the clothes. In the end we all - as if one whole,” says Stuart Guide Ringholt.

Tarella work is a mix of photographs, prints, drawings and holograms. Also present in these experiments with the interplay of light and space. According to the guide and visitors exposure, naked body as possible corresponds to the selected artist style.

4 April 2015

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