In Moscow will hold prayers in support of import substitution

In Moscow churches[t:tag slug=cerkov]churches in mid-April will begin to read prayers to help farmers and to support import substitution. Write about it “Izvestiya” referring to the deputy chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and Society of the interaction of the Russian Orthodox Church Roman Bogdosarova.

“We hope that the prayers will help farmers who want to work in peace. The people working on the ground, trying to raise our Russian agriculture, get a good harvest and, consequently, contribute to the process of import substitution in the country,” - said Bogdosarov.

As the priest, in the current economic climate is a major agricultural state support to companies and farmers feel constant pressure from both the regional authorities, and by the seed producers to raise prices.

According Bogdosarova, after Easter (this year the holiday falls on April 12 - approx. “Heathcliff”) Synodal Department will determine when and how often will be held prayers. He added that the village priests to pre-revolutionary traditions hold regular services for a successful harvest.

In March, in one of the churches in Moscow at the request of the crisis-affected people in the capital chanted a prayer to send down God’s help mortgage borrowers who find themselves on the brink of bankruptcy.

In August 2014, when a significant part of Russia was covered by wildfires in the Moscow church held a prayer service for the preservation of forests. In August 2013th, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, call the faithful to pray for deliverance forest near Moscow from the invasion of bark beetle.

9 April 2015

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