Russian flight attendant took third place in the world of beauty (after France and Singapore)

Compiled by an international rating airlines with the most attractive flight attendants. Employees of the Russian “Aeroflot” took third place in it. About this newspaper writes “My Planet”.

Research site dedicated to aeronautics, - BS Aeronautics made the top 10 most attractive flight attendants, assessing their appearance, uniform and goodwill.

At first edition put employees of the French company Air France, noting that they look like models and always elegant because of the form, which was created by designer Christian Lacroix.

Second place in the ranking went to flight attendants Singapore Airlines. Noted for their glamorous image that creates traditional clothing - sarong kebaya and as well as for the hospitality and good service on board, which has received numerous prestigious awards.

In third place was the Russian airline flight attendants - edition considers stylish red uniforms of the flight attendants “Aeroflot”, emphasizing their hats and scarves around their necks. Called this the most stylish uniforms and European passengers in the survey Skyscanner in 2013.

17 April 2015

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