Siberian Lancelot

For the first time in Barnaul passed costume joust.
Last weekend Avenue Socialist stepped into seven centuries ago - in the era of chivalry. Walking on asphalt tracks young people in armor, merchants sold layouts swords and sabers own making, ladies in medieval costumes searched his Lancelot. Issued only one thing: an unusual presentation of the participants drank water from plastic bottles and occasionally getting out of a cell phone pocket, checking the call log and the number of sent messages.

For two days, the building “C”, Altai State University boiled serious passions. This is where the strength and stability of Russian and European soldiers, or rather, members of historical clubs from all over Siberia. In Barnaul on this occasion was attended by representatives from Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, a strong team and put the hosts of the event.

- Tournament on historical fencing gathered in one place about forty people from various cities. It is timed to the Day of Military Glory - Battle of the Ice in 1242. It was one of the greatest victories of the Russian foreign invaders. The region costumed tournaments of this kind to date was carried out. Our goal - to introduce deeper barnaultsev with the history of Russia with the help of improvisation and prove how a school subject is interesting, - says the organizer, a student at ASU Angelina Yurevich.

Especially hot in the tournament was on Saturday. In a race - as in ancient times was called a platform for competition - sword fighting most powerful knights. Given that the sun was beating down on the street, and the weight of the costume is achieved only forty-odd pounds, measure the power of the participants was not easy. To fight allotted fifteen minutes. The main condition - not to hit in the neck and joints. In fights was not equal Vitaly Pechkunovu of Novosibirsk club historical fencing “Gauntlet”. A young man is in it for more than five years and participates in competitions at various levels.

- We are engaged in the study of history, reconstruction of life, weapons, strengthening the physical form and educate young people on a worthy example. I am an accountant by profession and I am not able to process steel, so that the elements have to buy costumes, - says Vitali.

At the tournament, he was in the armor of the Pskov Prince Dovmont who lived at the turn of the XIII - XIV centuries. Warrior went down in history as a talented commander. Repeatedly broke the Lithuanians and Germans, canonized.

- Suit weighs a few tens of kilograms, without any special training in it not to go into battle. In the warmer months we train as often as possible. Beyond the Urals, unfortunately, does not work out due to lack of funds. But within Siberia actively participate in various tournaments. During the summer, they recruited more than two dozen. Especially liked the style of medieval festivals in the camps, when excluded subjects of modern life and even today’s food - emphasizes Vitaly Pechkunov.

24 April 2015

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