“#VictoryDayForObama” Motorola congratulated Barack Obama on the 70th anniversary of the Victory volley of guns APC

The battalion commander “Sparta” Motorola together with the soldiers decided to join the action LifeNews #VictoryDayForObama and congratulate the US leader Barack Obama on the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

Motorola has filled one of greeting cards prepared by the editorial staff LifeNews - they will be sent to Washington, according to the channel’s website.

“I congratulate Barack Obama on Victory Day. And greetings to you from the” Sparta “” - quoted text greeting card militia commander. Soldiers of the battalion to support their leader, firing into the sky turn from the gun APCs.

Every week, editors channel intends to talk about that famous people wanted US President in connection with the memorable date. All letters to the seventieth anniversary of the Great Victory will go to the White House.

27 April 2015

Siberian Lancelot
Prokhorov ally cheered “Right Sector” nudity (young woman decided to thank the members of the Ukrainian radical movement, who welcomed her in his office)

• Ukrainian military will be obliged by law to shout "Glory to Ukraine" »»»
The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law that proposes to change the order of execution of the military greeting.
• Heads of CIS countries made a joint statement and called on the world cherish the memory of the victory »»»
Heads of State? CIS is to educate the younger generation a sense of pride in a common heroic history and a great feat in the fight against fascism.
• Barack Obama twice disgraced the funeral of Nelson Mandela. "Where are you, Odysseus, his wife, child?" »»»
U.S. President twice disgraced at the funeral in South Africa dedicated to saying goodbye to Nelson Mandela.
• The U.S. State Department congratulated the Russians on the Day of Russia and conveyed greetings from the official representative Jen Psak »»»
"Jen asked me to give Psak Hello. Happy Russia!" - Wrote in the Twitter-conference for Russian users Deputy Psak Marie Harf.
• Yanukovych, Lukashenko, Obama and Brown is not expected to arrive in Moscow on May 9 »»»
Presidents of Ukraine, Belarus and the United States, as well as the British prime minister will not attend the Victory Day parade on May 9 in Moscow.