Prokhorov ally cheered “Right Sector” nudity (young woman decided to thank the members of the Ukrainian radical movement, who welcomed her in his office)

An activist of the party “Civic Platform” Ninel Rostkowska that in recent months, living in Ukraine, arranged a photo shoot in the nude. Later, she sent pictures hospitable fighters “Right Sector” (the organization banned in Russia by the court. - Comm. LifeNews), which held the office for several days.

It has proved to LifeNews some photos from the phone 35-year-old Ninel. On one of them, made a visit to the leader of the St. Petersburg branch of the party “Civic Platform”, a woman’s body barely covered by a scarf with the inscription “Prokhorov.” A few more shots Ninel made already in the Ukraine, where he moved after the events at the Manege Square.

In Kiev, an activist of “Civic Platform” has positioned itself as a political refugee. During his stay in office “Right Sector” Ninel establish contacts with representatives of the organization. Note that earlier Rostkowska tried to find support among the Russian opposition, but because of its weakness for alcohol, many refused to cooperate.

According to LifeNews, Ninel Rostkowska is in close relations with representatives of the Russian opposition such as Mark Halperin, Ildar Dading and Pavel Kuznetsov.

29 April 2015

“#VictoryDayForObama” Motorola congratulated Barack Obama on the 70th anniversary of the Victory volley of guns APC
What you might not know about beer?

• The territory of the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow made it Limonov. The rally was held under the slogan: "Kiev - Russian city". Participants of the rally detained »»»
On Monday morning, supporters of the unregistered opposition political left "Other Russia" in masks entered the building of the Ukrainian Embassy in Leontief lane and refused to leave it.
• "Rookery" named Tymoshenko »»»
The tent camp in downtown Kiev, which according to the organizers was to become the personification of the unity of people and “the banner of opposition” - Yulia Tymoshenko - has become “Rookery.
• Yuri Birch: We passed a US Senator authentic pictures, and it showed from the podium - it intrigues Russians »»»
Combat Battalion "Dnepr-1" Yuri Birch, who was the defendant in the scandal with false photographs allegedly proving the presence of Russian regular troops in the Donbas.
• New phobia Ukrainian generals - neutron kick »»»
Ukrainian military fear that Russia inflict blows on Ukraine nuclear and neutron weapons Told the former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Igor Romanenko.
• Nalivaychenko accused Surkov manual snipers shot Maidan »»»
The head of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaychenko