What you might not know about beer?

Beer - a great drink, it is today one of the most popular around the world. According to statistics, the beer is the main alcoholic drink for more than 50% of young people in the United States. Moreover, the beer - this is eaten worldwide beverage after water and tea. Here are some other interesting facts that will be of interest to fans of the drink.
In beer, and more specifically in hops, xanthohumol contained substance capable of preventing cancer. It is a very powerful antioxidant efficiency with which little can match. But there is bad news: to get the required daily amount of the substance contained about 450 liters of beer. In addition, there is no guarantee that your bottle splashing natural product from hops, barley and yeast.
Beer in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and around the world are always sold in bottles of dark glass or opaque cans not accidental. The drink contains isohumulones - bitter acids which are decomposed in the light, turning into thiols. It isohumulones give beer its characteristic taste, so manufacturers are trying to save it, the drink is packaged in a special container.
In Belgium, until the 1970s it was produced beer with a very low alcohol content - 1.5%. It was meant to wash down dinner or lunch. In addition, this sort of fed even in school canteens. Even today, there are supporters of the return of the children’s drink in catering establishments, as it is much more useful soda. But the non-alcoholic beer has been brewed in Colne, Kelco, Germany, in 1918. It contained only 0.2% alcohol.
The oldest company in the world, which now produces beer - is “Weihenstephan”. It is located in Freising - a small town near Munich, Germany. The company has existed since 1040, that is nearly a thousand years.
The rate of consumption of beer depends on the shape of the dishes in which it is located. If you drink a cylindrical cups with smooth walls, the half-pint (0.28 liters) The bar is used in about 11 minutes. If the glass is curved walls flared up, the same volume will be drunk an average of 7 minutes. The fact is that the man is more difficult to assess in the consumption of beer in the proportsiyahkolichestvo heterogeneity packaging.

2 May 2015

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