In Lipetsk, a monument to Stalin with video surveillance

In Lipetsk street Forge is a monument to Joseph Stalin. The bust was made by the Communists in North Ossetia and presented Lipetsk.

The three-meter composition is placed in front of the headquarters of the regional branch of the Communist Party. According to a State Duma deputy Nikolai Razvorotneva all permits and approvals have been obtained leadership of the city, but already during the installation of the pedestal, May 5, received a letter from Deputy Mayor Anne Shamaeva, stating that the permit has been issued for the installation of the bust inside the office premises of the Communist Party .

- The decision is somehow back off is considered too late and do not have no reason to prohibit the presence on the street. Previous city hall and the current document - contradict each other.

At issue is not whether to start an unhealthy fuss around the monument with attempts to “come to their senses suddenly” the authorities to demolish Nikolay topping replied: “And let them try. Lipchane I will not allow them to do so.”

- Moreover, the Communists are ready to bear the clock duty near the monument and the monument placed under surveillance.

7 May 2015

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