US presidential candidate: “I would not rule out a military solution to the conflict with Russia”

A former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who intends to run for the US presidential election, said he would not rule out the use of military force against Russia. This statement was made in an interview with Republican TV channel Fox News, which publishes the translation InoTV. This Carson added that a military solution to the immediate danger should threaten the US population. In addition, before a possible military intervention would need to consult with the “knowledgeable people”.

“I will be first consulted with competent generals and people more knowledgeable in this area than I am” - the words quoted Carson edition The Guardian.

“But it is clear that if jeopardizing the interests of the population of the United States, or the very existence of the country and if military intervention is the only way to protect them - in this case, of course, I would have done as necessary,” - said the former surgeon, having referring to the use of force against Russia.

At the same time a reporter’s question Fox News about how Washington should respond to the Ukrainian conflict, Carson said, because of the war in the Ukraine, he would not get involved and would have done “quite different”, noting that the Obama administration has failed to to build up the policy with regard to Ukrainian conflict.

“As it was stated, Ukraine should be granted protection if it is a direct aggression. Before this came? Of course not,” - said the politician.

Carson often blamed for the fact that he does not have enough political experience to the effective management of the country. However, he disagrees and believes that gained enough experience when it enters the corporate boards of several American companies.

Carson announced his participation in the struggle for the presidency, and that is going to “heal, inspire and revive” the country. He had never run for elective office, and his chances for the nomination of the Republican presidential evaluated as ghost.

11 May 2015

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