Ukrainian politician: If the West are tired of us, let hang

If Europe and the United States are tired of Ukraine, they have different options for how to end his life, said Alexander Briginets

If Western countries really tired of Ukraine, they just need to choose how to end their lives, said a REGNUM correspondent in Kiev today, May 13, the People’s Deputy of the 7th convocation, Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Alexander Briginets, commenting on the results of the visit US Secretary of State John Kerry in Sochi and the outcome of his talks with the leaders of Russia.

“If someone feels tired, or he goes to a monastery, or hung. If Europe and the United States are tired of Ukraine, they have different options for how to end their lives. Ukraine - the outpost, which protects them from the aggression of Russia. Before the Second World War officially fascist country won 4 of the country. And all this has been agreed by other states “- said Briginets.

In particular, the Ukrainian politician criticized statements by US Secretary of State, who advised the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko not to take offensive action, and not by force to return the Donetsk airport. According Brigintsa expressly provided Minsk agreements. “The statements which sounded today - have a political character, the essence of which we understand only with time. As for the Donetsk airport - I read the Minsk agreement, and it is clearly written that Donetsk, Debaltsevo, Donetsk airport to return to the Ukraine. If Kerry Putin did not read or Minsk Agreement, let read carefully, it is written, “- said Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine.

Briginets also believes that if Washington and Moscow and reached some agreements in Sochi, then Moscow could cause a diplomatic slap in the face of the White House, in violation of the agreement.

“Talking about the real result of the meetings can only over time. I very much hope that the pressure exerted on Putin must act. The first option - dodavit it and get to act in accordance with the requirements of the second option - to make sure that the pressure is not possible, and Putin does not able to lead peaceful actions … Aggressive Merkel and frank statement a few days ago (the politician did not specify what he meant - news agency REGNUM) was due to the fact that Putin actually gave her a slap in the face, taking Debaltseve. If after these agreements, that is, between the United States and Putin, including Sochi, Russian President will also slap Obama, his situation will be even worse. The ideology of Putin - political rudeness. I hope that sooner or later Putin will understand that he is not God of the earth, and he needs to be able to negotiate with others … And the fact that the European and American partners in favor of the world, no doubt, “- said Alexander Briginets ………

14 May 2015

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