Ukraine wants to rename the Russian cities

Ukraine intends to rename a number of cities and towns of the Republic of Crimea. This initiative was made Ukrainian Institute of National Memory in connection with the adoption of the laws “of de-communization.”

According to Tass, rename the planned order of 70 towns and six areas of the peninsula. Ukrainians intend to return to historical names of urban-type settlements Kirov, Soviet, Lenin, city Belogorsk, renaming them according Islyam-Terek, testes, Seven wells and Karasubazar.

On the eve of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada decided to assign the international airport of Simferopol name of twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Amet-Khan Sultan. A decree on Thursday, supported by 240 deputies. This activity has caused many deputies responses among Internet users. Crimean authorities, in turn, suggested that the Ukrainian parliament to rename the American John F. Kennedy International Airport, giving it the name of the Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera.

Head of the Committee for CIS Affairs Leonid Slutsky said that even a schoolboy it is clear that such an order has no legal force.

“This is another political speculation and a certain kind of populism. We certainly have nothing against the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, honor and respect their memory. But somehow illogical turns - first in Parliament recognize the outlawed Victory Banner banning Soviet symbols, and then “perpetuate” thus the name of the hero of the war, “- said Slutsky.

Simferopol Airport Director Eugene Plaksin stressed that the airport is a geographical entity that is to rename it must follow special rules. He also said that the name of the pilot Amet-Khan Sultan has awarded the airport in Dagestan.

15 May 2015

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