British media reported secret weapons tests in Omsk

Author picture suggested that “caught” UFO, and British experts have seen in the photo[/t[t:tag slug=foto]photo secret weapon

Photos by social network made in the vicinity of Omsk, attracted the attention of the British The Daily Star. The publication suggested that the photograph was captured time of testing secret weapons.

According to the NTS, a single shot of the night sky, made by Dmitry Yushkevich, you can see the number of horizontal points of light that on other photos “moved.” Yushkevich suggested that it was a UFO. Several people have tried to prove the comments that it lights the plane.

British news media has created on the basis of fragments of photos of blurred much, citing user Instagram. The text of the Omsk region is called the region known signals of UFOs, and the appearance of the points associated with the test as secret Russian weapons. “It is possible that this is an area where the Russian secret test aircraft, or drone weapon” - leads edition of the words of the British expert.

20 May 2015

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