Gagarin protection filter sounds recorded applause and headphones

The organizers will take all measures in the event of a repetition of last year’s whistle during a speech sisters Tolmachevy
The closer to the finale, the more passion. The representative of Russia at the annual singing show “Eurovision” not only managed to become a favorite of the competition in spite of all the opponents and detractors, but also an actress, for which the organizers will go to unprecedented measures.
According to Russian journalists spokesman Jarmo Siim event number Polina Gagarina not let rip.
- This year we have had several options in case of recurrence of the whistle - said Siim.
Options: any special filters sound recording or applause, whistles that drown or have to wear special headphones of the singer. May adopt take it all.
The reason for such measures served as the sad experience of last year’s performance of the Russian participants Tolmachevy sisters, during which there was a whistle provocateurs who do not agree with the policy of Russia. And very recent example - number of Dima Bilan at the March concert of the winners of “Eurovision” in London. About the latter case, it was not known, since the broadcast was broadcast notebook ether where the whistle imposed applause. We are talking about live, so measures will be different.
Attentive and caring for the administration of the contest Pauline is to pay tribute.

23 May 2015

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