Saved from execution bull gay cured of homosexuality

Irish bull gay named Benji, who zoozaschitniki headed by the late creator of the animated series “The Simpsons” Sam Simon saved from execution at the end of 2014, he moved to the reserve, and interest in cows. No one can explain how Benji cured of homosexuality, reports Irish Independent.

History bull gay Ireland, which his previous owner farmer from County Mayo going to send to slaughter because of “futility”, spread through the world’s media in November last year. Pastoralists, who owned the bull, argued that it is unprofitable to contain Benji - the offspring of the animal is not expected, and it is necessary to feed the bull. Having learned that cattle could be executed gay, zoozaschitniki launched a campaign to save Benji.

With a staunch vegetarian Sam Simon volunteers who sympathized with Benji, it was able to collect the necessary 14 thousand dollars and buy back the bull from cruel master. Freed Benji was sent to the reserve in the county of Norfolk. But suddenly a new place the animal began to show interest in the cows.

“We knew that Benji - gay. However, once he saw that he was trying to do with one of our cows, we realized that this statement is, to put it mildly, far from the truth,” - said the new owners of the bull. According to them, saved from execution Benji he has regained a zest for life.

“Benji - very cute and friendly animal. He’s a handsome man,” - said the representative of the reserve, which now lives bull

2 June 2015

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