Zyuganov suggested pioneers unite online

Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov suggested to create social network for the Pioneers. On this, as reported “Interfax“, he said during a speech at the plenum devoted to the youth policy of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in Moscow.

“There comes a time to start creating online resource for pioneering organizations. It could become an information platform for the exchange of experience between counselors” - launched an initiative Zyuganov.

In addition, the Communist leader said that it is necessary to go back to the distribution of university graduates to work on the fields. “States deserve special support young people willing to work in a rural area. The work of technical experts should be paid not less than the level of skill in the banking sector”, - said the politician.

According to him, in every region of Russia “should have a” Artek “.” He recalled that in 1980 the Soviet Union had 40,000 suburban children’s health institutions, and now there are only 2,000.

According to the information on the website of the Communist Party, the Communist Party Central Committee plenum in June attended by 500 people.

In 2013, Zyuganov suggested creating a group of “red bloggers,” who would be engaged in the destruction of anti-communist myths. The fate of this proposal media did not report.

20 June 2015

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