Built for billions of hryvnia senseless “line of defense Mariupol” washed away by rain

Network uhohatyvalsya over the news of the “liberation” of Mariupol, which is known to be well prepared for the defense of “Russian terrorists.” Members have posted on social networks Photo Bandera caches the new generation that did not stand not that the first combat test and drooped under attack first decent rain.

Raspiarenny all patriotic corners of powerful fortifications, designed to stop the oncoming hordes of Russian (and that someone is?) Tanks inspected and adopted only a week ago, the president of Poroshenko himself, now more like a shelter for toads than “heroes ATO”, despite the fact that the mental development of both categories of fauna reside in adjacent stages of evolution.

Users will not regret ribald comments, knowing that Poroshenko inspection before for some reason went through with a diuretic. But do not rule out that a diuretic from early fear touched everyone who had to build a century at least something to do, including the “heroes”, whom poultices in this swamp. The battalion, which will be deployed in man-made reservoirs, bloggers are advised to name the “Ichthyander.” But what saved Mariupol, there is no doubt of course, no tanks never overcome anything like that.

It was:


22 June 2015

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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved a program for the development of the international children's center "Artek" for the years 2015-2020.
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Ukrainian military fear that Russia inflict blows on Ukraine nuclear and neutron weapons Told the former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Igor Romanenko.
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