Jobs tanks and marines appeared on Ukrainian sites work

Recruitment agencies in the Ukraine started to publish vacancies on the army post. On Web sites, job search now on offer to enroll in tankers or marines. It is reported by Ukrainian edition of “Vesti”.

Personnel officers claim that officially cooperate with the Ministry of Defence and the promise that in three months the instructors from Canada, England and the United States of wanting to make “real commandos.” Salary offered by 4 thousand hryvnia (about 183 dollars). Here we consider candidates without army experience, as well as women.

On one of the portals, in particular, the public organization “People’s Militia Mykolayiv” invites to work the Marines, tanks and artillery. Marines promised 4.5 thousand hryvnia (about 206 dollars), and while serving in the military operation zone - a double salary.

“Vesti” Call the phone and tried to “settle” in the service. “Employer” told them that the signing of the contract does not necessarily have a military specialty, and after four months of service will be given to all military 0.15 hectares of land (private home).

“We also recruit women, but in the area of ​​ATU they go extremely rare - only on their own. Girls can be, for example, communications and medical. Men also consider without military training, although, of course, the presence of the specialty will be a clear advantage. Preparation depends the chosen specialty and takes an average of three months. Coaches - from Ukraine, USA, Canada and England, “- told in the” People’s Militia Mykolayiv “.

The Speaker of the General Staff of Ukraine Vladyslav Seleznev, in turn, said that the army considers “the same work, just like any other.” “We use every opportunity to recruit contract in the armed forces, including an advertising campaign - giving free classifieds in the newspaper, on television, if you have money, you give and pay” - he pointed out.

23 June 2015

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