Pskov airsoft learned that: “The 2nd Brigade of the GRU special forces and fight in Donbass”

Pskov airsoft found his photo[/t[t:tag slug=fotografiya]photo on the Ukrainian site disguised as proof of presence in Donbass Pskov 2nd Brigade of the GRU special forces (in / h 64044), media reported Pskov.

According to representatives of the Pskov Information Agency Pskov airsoft team “Polar Bears”, whose members seek to model for clothing and equipment used by Marines of the Northern Fleet, Ukrainian online site “InformNapalm” in your account in Facebook one of the participants in this project, they found a note under the heading “2nd Brigade Spetsnaz GRU of the General Staff at the Mariupol direction.”

In it as evidence of the participation of Russian troops from the Pskov region in the fighting in the Donbas were used photos of their team training in Pskov, placed in the social network “Vkontakte”. The reason, because of which these photographs attracted the attention of the founders of Ukrainian advocacy resource became a geotag a photo, which depicts airsoft Nikolai Semyonov in the form of the Russian Armed Forces with a copy gun RPK-74 “Novoazovskiy region, Ukraine.”

The report InformNapalm stated: “In the course of the team InformNapalm OSINT intelligence identified soldiers of the 2nd Brigade of the GRU special forces (in / h 64044, Pskov), which act on the Mariupol direction. In particular, the social network” VKontakte “was discovered Photo geo-tag (geotagged) “Novoazovsk Ukraine”, which was soon turned off.

As for the photographs in military uniform Nikita Petrov, who was named the Ukrainian site another possible GRU riot policemen who fought under Mariupol, Nikolai Semyonov noted that in this case it is all about students who still do not have 18 years. “He even brings his father to play because of the rules of up to 18 years without any guarantee of senior airsoft play can not be” - he said and added that the picture that was shown on the site “Informnapalma”, was made in the course of training at an abandoned building factory in Pskov on the street Evlenteva.

24 June 2015

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