Latvian soldiers will buy more US radio luxury smartphones

National armed forces were on Midsummer cool gift: the Ministry of Defence announced that the military will face new tactical radio communications system to 67 million euros. Although formally carried out “purchase”, the winner was known in advance.

Yet since 1999, Latvia uses a radio American company Harris. From beginning we gave, and then tied to the delivery of spare parts - and here please, now the payment has overseas friends is equivalent to half of the total defense budget of Latvia ten years ago.

American Falcon II radios are designed for installation on vehicles, Falcon III - to carry military (so-called “walkie-talkie”).

But that’s the price of products, it seems highly inflated. Russian hand-portable radio “tactics” in the catalog costs 50 euros. And if you relate the number of Latvian soldiers - soldiers and National Guard (they will generally be about 20 000), the US unit of production will rise to 3,000 euros!

It is clear that strategic allies do not help anyone for free. A continual concern for Washington Senators and generals about the safety of the Baltic States is primarily to ensure orders for the military-industrial complex. It is indisputable practice of the last 75 years at least. And the national elite and the Republic of Latvia is pleased to try. Instead of developing its own production - remember that during the WEF it all the Soviet army radios provided.

The ability of the Latvian army to repel a potential enemy the US is not significantly increase Soup - but will be able to chat with friends on the device, which is more of a luxury Vertu.

25 June 2015

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