Why Ukraine wants to be a Russian?

The news that the Verkhovna Rada a bill providing for a ban on the use of the term “Russia” as a synonym for a geographical name of the Russian Federation, excited the minds on both sides. And it’s, of course, not only and not so much in what is offered on pain of criminal or administrative prosecution to call a neighboring country with Ukraine except Muscovy. Here’s the thing, “under the historic name of the territory of Ukraine in the Act refers to a verbal name” Russia “and its derivative” Russia “.” That is, quite unexpectedly, Ukraine, during the last quarter of a century, through the words of politicians proclaiming that she - not Russia, after Russia decided to become.

Of course, in the debate there was several versions designed to explain this turnaround in public opinion, or at least in the minds of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists (if I understood correctly, the initiator of the project - a member of the “Radical Party“, in other words, lyashkovka) . These versions I would conditionally designated as follows:

1. Panic. It is no accident zhzhzhzh introduced such a bill if it is adopted, Ukraine thus officially declared its claim to the entire territory of modern Russia (and not only in Crimea). This demarche its support the US and Europe, they will flood Ukraine with money (by the way, is not so clear that it hinders them to do now, before the adoption of the aforementioned bill), equip it to the teeth, a kiss on the forehead and went to the Drang nach Osten. Well, and then there is Russia not wriggle to participate in a full-scale war with the distraught neighbor. This version is I do not want a detailed analysis of effect, in my opinion, it is utopian hypertrophied. I rather imagine, “Sun City” Tommaso Campanella could imagine in reality, than the implementation of the above script.

2. Troll. Ukraine hopes through the adoption of the bill to bring the Russian leadership of yourself and encourage him to take decisive action in relation to itself. Theoretically this can be imagined, but in this case the question arises - all previous marasmic, self-destructive and krovopiyskie action now Ukraine Russia itself is not brought, but the legislature, excuse my French, vyser bring? Somehow it is difficult to imagine it: because of the ads of the Verkhovna Rada Russian aggressor Putin has not sent troops, but as soon as the bill is passed - hello, 200 thousand Russian troops in the vast Ukraine? …..

8 July 2015

The Verkhovna Rada stated that Russia - a historic name in Ukraine
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• The Verkhovna Rada stated that Russia - a historic name in Ukraine »»»
The Verkhovna Rada did bill which says that Russia - is the historical name of the territory on which the modern Ukraine.
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