Russian aviaturisty told about the attitude of the applause at landing

About half of the Russian tradition aviaturistov believe clapping immediately after landing a good thing. To such conclusion the tourist service Skyscanner, conducted an online survey among travelers. The findings Received “Heathcliff!”.

According to the survey, 47 percent approve of the tradition of cheering fellow pilots of the aircraft after landing, 28 percent of respondents this phenomenon affects the nerves and another 25 percent are indifferent to it.

As experts of the online service, applause opponents explain their rejection of the practice by the fact that “it is stupid and unseemly.” At the same time some of them are irritated by loud noises, and some tradition considers senseless. “The pilots still do not hear of its armored door,” - they said.

In turn, the fans clapped his hands explained that the actions they want to thank the crew for a comfortable and safe flight, especially if it was not easy.

The Skyscanner also learned opinion captain of the aircraft and flight attendants regular passenger flights (not shown in the release of the names of the respondents, and the names of airlines’). Aviation workers reported that the crew members are usually very grateful for the applause, but in the cabin they are really hard to hear. On the applause of passengers flight attendants pilots commonly reported.

Most often, according to representatives of the crew, clap on charter flights and long international flight to warmer climes, at least - on the flights of European airlines.

14 July 2015

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