Passengers Flights Hong Kong - Vladivostok bound brawler tape

On board the plane, flying from Hong Kong to Vladivostok, there was a fight. To calm the rowdy, several passengers had flights link it with safety belts and tape, said “Vostok-Media”.

The instigator of the brawl became a man, who was intoxicated. According to news, it has angered some of the passengers, they repeatedly hit him and then tied up and put in the aisle of the plane. What exactly was the cause of the conflict, is not specified.

Upon arrival at the airport of Vladivostok is one of the women on board wrote a statement about the inappropriate behavior of the passenger. On brawler brought two administrative case under article “The appearance in public places while intoxicated” and “Disorderly conduct”, RIA Novosti reported. Troublemaker face a fine or arrest for up to 15 days.

21 July 2015

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