Growing popularity of coins “The lesson of peace,” the suppression of the Su-24 destroyer NATO

Among the collectors have reported great interest to numismatists and patriots Moscow Mint minted “coin-token”, dedicated to the incident with the American destroyer “Donald Cook” and the Russian Su-24.

Made of neylzilbera based on a five-ruble coin counter called “The lesson of peace” and is dedicated to the events of April 12, 2014 - when multiple overflight destroyer “Donald Cook” bomber Su-24 has led, in fact, to panic among the crew of NATO.

So on the obverse of the commemorative coin shows “Su-24″ and “Donald Cook (US Navy),” painted by myself destroyer bomber flying over him, and the two sentences - about the Su-24 “unarmed, but the storm”, but about NATO ships “Thunderstorm, but disarmed.”

The reverse of the coin-medal reads “The lesson of peace. Russian Air Force electronic warfare” (EW - funds / army electronic warfare), the date “12 April 2014″ and the venue - Black Sea. Also, on the reverse is the logo of the Moscow Mint.

“It would seem that the appearance of such a powerful ship in the Black Sea should cause shock and awe. And so it was just the wrong side. I flew to the” Donald Cook “Russian bomber Su-24 had on board the bombs and missiles. Under the fuselage hanging container with a complex electronic warfare “Khibiny”, - told the media.

“Having become acquainted with the destroyer,” Khibiny “off his radar, combat control circuits, data transmission systems - in short, to turn off all the” Aegis “, as we turn off the TV by pressing a button on the remote control. After that, the Su-24 simulated missile attack on the blind and deaf ship . Then another and another - a total of 12 times, “- added the journalists.

22 July 2015

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