French senator put in Crimea insulting Obama T-shirt (MP bought “Funny little thing”, strolling along the promenade)

On such a bold move playfully he decided member of the delegation of French parliamentarians in the Crimea, the vice-chairman of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the French Senate Yves Pozzo di Borgo.

“Interesting shopping” took place when parliamentarians from France, the evening took a walk along the promenade of Yalta, where they could mingle with the locals and tourists.

On a T-shirt that attracted di Borgo, depicts Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, and flaunts the signature at the bottom of “Obama, you’re a schmuck,” says Layfnyus.

Note that the Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the French Senate immediately tried a new article of clothing.

In turn, the other participant of the “French parliamentary troops in the Crimea,” a deputy of the National Assembly of France, Marie-Christine Dalloz noted that the representation of the European peninsula is radically different from what she actually saw.

“The amazing difference. Before I came here, I had no idea that would face with cordiality. I had a very different impression of the Crimea”, - quotes the words of Dalloz Tass.

“Yalta and Crimea were so good-natured that we had no idea what this could be. We were happy to see all these people who met today,” - she said.

Earlier, the head of the French delegation, Thierry Mariani, announced that a group of parliamentarians from France decided to go to the Crimea, despite the ban on the French authorities to communicate with politicians and local residents, and to make an unbiased view of life in the Crimea.

“Some of us think that the Crimea is now an integral part of the Russian Federation. It is justified by the historical background and is linked to the opinions of the population of Crimea and all civilizational values ​​which it professes, and culture. This position is shared by me and other members that are My delegation, “- said Thierry, adding that he sees no reason to preserve sanctions against Russia.

“While the United States blocks removed from Cuba, I do not see any reason to leave Europe sanctions against Russia,” - said the head of delegitsii.

The delegation together with the co-chairman of the Association “Franco-Russian dialogue,” Thierry Mariani consists of ten members of parliament: pravotsentristckoy eight members of the “Republicans” - Nicolas Sarkozy, former colleagues of “Union for Popular Movement”, - the vice-chairman of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the French Senate Eve Pozzo di Borgo, deputy Nikola Dyuik and Jacques Myard, as well as one delegate from the centrist and leftist forces.

24 July 2015

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