Russophobia Polish nationalists came to Bandera monuments

Another monument to the soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army was destroyed by the patriots of the Polish nationalist group in the settlement Cichociemni Vezhbitsy. At this time, the process of “dismantling” the construction was captured on video and is available on YouTube.

This is not the first case of restoration of historical justice Polish activists: a monument recently erected Ukrainian nationalists, was destroyed in the city of Verhatey. Before this incident occurred in the village of Raduzh which was broken plaque at the monument to the fighters of the OUN-UPA, after which it was replaced by a new one, with the text “In memory of Poles who were brutally murdered Bandera offspring.”

Earlier, the Polish ultra-radical youth together with the border service of the Republic organized a campaign against the Ukrainian border illegal under the slogan “I found Bandera - kill.”

At the same time, the Polish government dismantles Russophobia, destroying memorials of Soviet times. In particular, it is planned to dismantle the monument to General Ivan Chernyakhovsky in the city of Braniewo, who died on impact of the German artillery. Local NGOs demanded to demolish the monument to General and even unfurled a swastika in front of him, stylized hammer and sickle.

Despite the support of Ukrainian regime official Warsaw, cases of abuse of memorials UPA only become more frequent. Perhaps Polish nationalists who hate the UPA, at one point get tired tolerate hypocrisy of his leadership, and then they wrapped vandalism against him.

19 August 2015

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• In Dnepropetrovsk Minin street renamed after Menachem Mendel Schneerson (Chief Rabbi of the city: "The Hebrew name of the street gave the Ukrainian nationalists!") »»»
Minin street in the central region of Dnipropetrovsk renamed after Menachem Mendel Schneerson - in honor of the Seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe, the greatest Jewish leader of the XX century.
• In Ukraine, renamed Chapayeva »»»
Local authorities found a way to circumvent the law decommunisation: monuments.
• Ukraine wants to rename the Russian cities »»»
Ukraine intends to rename a number of cities and towns of the Republic of Crimea.
• Ukraine is fenced off from the Russian earthen ditch along the sea for 570 million hryvnia »»»
Ukraine plans to build a new line of fortifications - this time along the sea.
• Poroshenko decided to give the Crimea the new status »»»
Kiev authorities are planning to develop a "roadmap" for the provision of the Crimea the status of national-territorial autonomy within Ukraine.