Media: Facebook and Twitter prevented the British fleet type submarine

The British Royal Navy is experiencing great difficulty attracting new recruits into their ranks, writes English edition The Daily Mail.

The main reason for the unpopularity of the fleet - is the reluctance of young people to be in isolation aboard submarines for a long time. “This trend is observed in other branches of the armed forces, which are also difficult to attract new recruits.” The generation of social media, “imposes on employers is much more demanding than their predecessors,” - the author writes.

Throughout the period of time aboard the submarine young submariners themselves isolated both physically and psychologically, because they are losing touch with usual circle of friends. “Disconnect from the Internet and Twitter has become a serious obstacle to the recruitment of young people, - said the head of the military department of counseling of PA Consulting Nick Shaffi. - There is a discrepancy between the demands of the staff, possible enthusiasm for the job and the expectations and demands of young people.” As a result, the fleet is faced with military shortfalls, even though the media campaign to promote military service, which spent millions of pounds.

24 August 2015

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