Horror: Latvia sold globes with Crimea with Russia

The retail network of LLC “Maxima Latvija” sold globes, which is depicted in the Crimea with Russia.

Commenting on this information, the representative of “Maxima Latvija” Janis Beseris said that the sale of globes has been suspended. “In the stores, there are eight kinds of globes - is confirmed by their suppliers. The said division of countries there is only one” - said Beseris.

To those people who have already bought a globe and they want it back, “Maxima” will return the money for the purchase.

As the Beseris globes produced in Poland and a network “Maxima” bought them at OOO “Kors N”. “Maxima” has already informed the company about the situation.

The sale of these globes appeared in late July, and only sold 65 such globes. With representatives of the company “Kors N” LETA contact is not possible.

25 August 2015

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